Your RI Lip Shade by Star Sign

Your RI Lip Shade by Star Sign

This week to celebrate our brand-new lipstick range (yes just casually dropping that bombshell) we’re literally reading your lips to match your shade to your sign.  We’ve consulted the stars to find your cosmic colour match, prepare to get lucky with lippy…


The bold and fearless Aries is ruled by fire, passionate about love and career, you are not afraid to take charge and conquer. When it comes to lipstick follow your impulses and go for a signature red shade… the unapologetically bright, Girl Code is your perfect match. 


Your confident power comes with so much warmth, it’s no wonder that Leo is King of the Jungle and Queen of everyone’s hearts. At times you may come across as dramatic, but your expressive nature is what makes you unique, enhance it with our vivid orange, In Real Life.


A true Sagittarius strives to live their best life every day, constantly looking for new adventures and experiences. Naturally lucky, you have a taste for the exotic so try something new and as outgoing as you are, we recommend our pure purple, Dazed. 


Yes, you are determined and patient, a believer in taking things slow and steady, but the Taurus is deeply sensual too. Connected to nature, green is your lucky colour so don’t let your (occasional) stubbornness stop you from incorporating it into your beauty kit, we recommend, High Octane.

Hey perfectionist, as a Virgo you are always looking for self-improvement and take pride in your attention to detail. Your friends love you because you are so reliable and inspire them to reach for more. Earthy colours suit you, celebrating your search for growth, a dark brown toned nude should meet your high standards try, Persuade.


You Capricorn are a goal-getter, you know want you want and how you’re going to get it too. Work is mega important to you, but don’t let that old goat kid you, play is also high on your ‘to do’ list. Safe for the boardroom and the bar we suggest the easy red, Love Letter. 


You are the social butterfly of the zodiac, The Gemini loves to talk, but you’re a sign of two halves and you love to listen too, eager to soak up knowledge. Your positivity leads you to sunshine yellow, but because you’re so adaptable, you need a lipstick that takes you everywhere. This mid nude is perfect so don’t leave it, Underrated.


Ruled by Venus, goddess of love, Libra is loving and always focussed on the needs of others – perhaps that’s why you are so popular. Super balanced, you have a strong sense of right and wrong, so we’re hoping you’ll see that this positive pink shade is so you, No Shame.


You are a true original, not afraid to march to the beat of your own drum. You may be a water-bearer, but you are actually ruled by Air and you come at life with hurricane force, experiencing occasional moments of genius. Make a navy lipstick your next smart move and be, Unapologetic.


Don’t be fooled by your sign’s hard shell, the Cancer is a nurturer and tres sensitive too. You are protective of those you love, and people are charmed by your understanding and tactile nature. You’re attracted to white and silver because they are reflective, but your cosmetic shades should have your warmth, try our coral, Femme. 


Passionate, intense, magnetic – just a few words to describe Scorpio. Surface level isn’t good enough for your deep soul, you need to dig beneath to find the treasure (and secrets). Because of your mysterious nature, black is your go-to, but when it comes to lipstick, dark red is just dangerous enough. Try, Power Pout.


Dreamy, sensitive and incredibly creative, the Pisces lives in a beautiful fantasy world. Deep and ever flowing, this sign is more about feeling than looking so the shade has to become an extension of you, this is why a bare naked shade is your best option, go on, Act Natural.