5 Bags You Need This Summer

When the season changes, all we can think about is what new bags we can get to go with our updated wardrobe. Just us? Of course it isn’t. We’ve been putting together our wishlist and thought you’d want in on the action too, so here’s our top 5 handbags you need (yes, NEED) this summer. Big and bold, chic and sleek or a little bit extra, we can’t wait to have these beauties on our arm, can you? Warning: May cause envy.

Natural with a touch of glam, this bag is everything we aspire to be. Looking as good on the beach as it does on the commute to work, versatile is exactly what this woven beauty is. It was love at first sight.

Forever needing an occasion-appropriate bag that can fit more in it than a lip liner? This is the one! Not only will it be the perfect +1 to any event in your diary, it’ll also give a chic finish to any of your casual looks.

You either get it, or you don’t but the micro-bag is a micro-trend we can get on board with. Gone are the days of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie carrying bags bigger than themselves, it’s time to size down (and down again). Bye, bye heavy bags full of things that we definitely don’t need!

Green is for go… add this to your basket immediately. Ok, so we just told you to ditch the big bags in favour of something tiny but every girl needs a good tote in her bag collection. Emerald green with a sassy faux fur pom-pom, how could you say no?

The straw bucket bag is quickly becoming the ‘it’ accessory if our Instagram feeds are anything to go by and this one ticks all the boxes. Spacious with tassel detailing, you’ll reach for it all summer. To beach or not to beach? That is the question.