An Evening With…Joel Dommett

Last month, we held An Evening With Joel Dommett, the comedian-turned-presenter at our Style Studio to talk us through his ever-evolving style (and faux pas!) presenting this year’sI’m A Celebrity Extra Camp and meeting the in laws…

How has your style changed over the years?

Style changes in general and you just kind of follow it. I used to be on the tail end of fashion and just copy what everyone else did about six months too late but slowly and surely I’ve got onto the trends. I enjoy being creative with it now and looking after your outfit.

Did you feel like you had to have an onstage persona?

Yeah! I used to play it down to give the idea that I’d just 
 got out of bed and didn’t care what I looked like and then realised it’s cool to look cool. It’s actually a way of extending your act.

How would you describe your style?

Relaxed indie vibes. 

Do you remember the first piece of clothing you bought for yourself?

It was probably some popper tracksuit bottoms, I remember wanting them for so long and having to get the cheaper version that were on the cusp of cool.

Talk me through any fashion disasters…

There are so many. I was a full emo/ goth with a sweeping fringe,  
greasy long hair - someone told me it cleans itself if you don’t wash it, but I’m not sure how true that is. So it was horrible. I was going to a gig and worked at a pet shop at the time so I bought a dog collar, spiked my hair and sprayed it red. I really was the cliché goth who’s on a sitcom now. Terrible. 

Do you have to plan your outfits for Extra Camp?

Yes – it’s so hard because it’s winter here but forty degrees out in Australia. It’s like writing your shopping list when you’re not hungry. When I’m at home I’m thinking “yeah sure I can take a jacket and jeans” and you get out there and you’re drenched. Ant and Dec always laugh at me whenever I wear a jacket. 

Do you have a go-to date night outfit?

It’s best to keep things simple, if you make too much of a statement people can like or dislike you either way. Maybe like a nice big parka, which you can offer them later if it’s cold, with some jeans and a good pair of boots. 

What did you wear to meet the in-laws?

When I asked her to marry me I was in full tuxedo and it was so hot in my flat with all the candles lit so I’d taken it off, so when we Skyped her parents to tell them , I just put the top half of the tux back on [laughs]

What’s your can’t-live-without piece in your wardrobe?

My leather jacket. When you find one that fits you right, you can wear it forever. 

Find yours…