Announcing: Felipe Pantone x River Island Man

This summer sees the worlds of street art and high-street collide, as we team up with street artist Felipe Pantone for a limited-edition denim collection, exclusive to River Island Man. Influenced by his own street art, and throwing it waaay back to the b-ballin' '80s, the capsule collection's standout statement piece is the oversized denim jacket (available in both blue and white) emblazoned with 3D graffiti graphics in Pantone's signature style. Matching loose-fit jeans complete the collection, giving a quietly confident nod to the ever popular, ever present '80s trend. 

Keen to know more? We caught up with the man himself to give us the low-down on the awesome new collab...

Why did you decide to work with River Island?

I liked the proposal that River Island had in mind, it was actually something that I always wanted to do, so it was the perfect fit.

How did the creative process work with River Island? What have you enjoyed most?

I had good control of that images that I used for the jackets, so everything flowed easily, that’s the way it has to be!

Do you shop on the high street?

I do! I usually don’t have a lot of time for shopping, so you’ll rarely see me in a mall. I usually stay in the center of the cities, so I pinch something here and there when I get back to the hotel like I did yesterday in SoHo in New York.

Who do you think will buy this collection? Who are you trying to reach out to?

Denim jackets painted in the back are a classic garment, probably mostly popularised in the '80s by the younger generation. I think those who wore those jackets back then might still enjoy this now, as well as the younger people.

What’s next for Felipe Pantone?

I’m heading to Lisbon to install my next solo show at Underdogs Gallery, titled “Artifact to Human Communication". I’m coming back to the US right after the opening to paint a mural at Napa Valley in California.