Back to school looks a little different this year but that’s okay because this term we’re all about our RI kids going back ‘to cool’ with confidence and being bold with who they are. After such a long time away it’s normal to feel a bit scared but it’s also super exciting. School isn’t just mastering subjects; it’s learning who you are and forging your identity in and out of class. 

We spoke to the RI Kids Squad about how they’re going back to school with A+ confidence and what makes them feel like their boldest self. Take a look (and check out their youniforms) … 

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Special skill or hobby: Gaming, dancing, karate, swimming and acting 

Describe yourself in three words: Handsome, short and buff 

What makes you feel bold? Drinking double chocolate frappuccinos at Starbucks. 

What are you most looking forward to about school? Seeing my friends 

Is there anything you’re worried about? Yes, secondary school. 

What advice have been given that makes you feel more confident? Be happy, respectful to others and love your family


Special skill or hobby: Dancing!

Favourite thing ever: Chocolate!

Describe yourself in three words: Sassy, cool and super! 

What makes you feel bold? Dancing in the studio

What advice makes you feel more confident? Mum tells me to take a deep breath, smile and just go for it!

What’s the best thing about school? Writing stories and colouring pictures. 

What’s your favourite subject? Music! 

What’s your best school accessory or stationary item? My unicorn pencil case! It’s fabulous!


Special skill: Tik Toks

Describe yourself in 3 words: Sassy, bougie and savage

What makes you feel bold: Making Tik Toks and Youtube videos 

Is there anything you're worried about? I'm worried about going to secondary school next September 

What advice makes you feel better? Always be yourself

What's the best thing about schools? Spending time with my friends 

What's your favourite subject? English maths and art


Special skill: Football

Describe yourself in three words: Sporty, funny and positive.

What makes you feel bold? When I score a goal

What are you most looking forward to about school? Break time

What did you miss most while you were away? Seeing my friends

Is there anything you’re worried about? My scary head teacher

What advice makes you feel more confident? Never give up and keep trying.

What’s your favourite subject? P.E


Special skill or hobby: Dancing

Favourite thing ever: Fluffy slime!

Describe yourself in three words: Caring, smart and fancy

What makes you feel bold? When I’m wearing a pretty outfit and my hair looks nice

What are you most looking forward to about school?
I am looking forward to learning new stuff and using my new cute stationery

What advice makes you feel more confident? Just be yourself!

What’s your favourite subject? Science


Special skill or hobby: Football

Favourite thing ever: Family

Describe yourself in three words: Happy, bold, confident

What makes you feel bold? Being good at football

What are you most looking forward to about school? Seeing my friends

What did you miss while you were away? Friends and P.E

What’s your favourite school accessory? My Fortnite pencil case