Life After Love Island: A Guide To Coping

It doesn’t look like we’ll be getting the ‘Love Iceland’ winter series we’d hoped for. Rather than being down in the dumps about missing our evening fix, we’re trying to remain positive by thinking of all the things we’re going to do with those extra 7 hours a week (yes, we’re counting After Sun!)…

Gym goals

After watching over 43 hours of bod-spiration (we’re looking at you Montana), we’ve been given all the motivation we need to put those extra hours to use in the gym.

Cocktails o' clock

You’ve spent the last 7 weeks as a hermit crab, now it’s time to reintroduce yourself to the outside world. Call the girls and grab a glass, although we’re not sure what you’ll have to talk about now…

Winter is coming...

Mid-July brings the return of Game of Thrones series 7; just snuggle right back into that comfy spot you left on the sofa ready for Netflix (and potentially chill).

My type on paperback

Forget the drama of these millennials' relationships and read up on grafting as it should be done with a good old fashion romance novel, pass the tissues.


Wake up looking refreshed and ready to take on the day (without caffeine assistance) after taking advantage of the additional sleeping time.

The boy, I'd like to couple up with...

Make the most of that extra hour by looking for the one you want to couple up with! 60 minutes = plenty of swiping time on Tinder.

Wardrobe inspo

The gang sure know how to nail poolside perfection and fire pit fashion (yes, that’s a thing now). Channel that extra time into finding your summer wardrobe, island style *adds to basket*.

If all else fails, you could always binge on the previous series… 1+2 equals another additional 66 hours of Love Island in your life 😉.