Pride | We Are One #ThisIsFamily

No labels, no limits... just love! This summer we’re celebrating Pride and the community that shapes it. From the squad we dance with (when everyone's watching) to those we can call on no matter what - it’s about the ones we love with pride! This season, we explore family, feels and festivities with some of our fave LGBTQ+ reps and their people. 

Meet the RI Pride family…

About the We Are One collection

ditch the label logo

Show your style and your support! The RI Pride family all wear hero pieces from our exclusive We Are One collection. Created in collaboration with Ditch The Label, £3 from every sale goes directly to the anti-bullying charity. From multicoloured mesh to matching rainbow sets and t-shirts featuring the empowering collection slogan, each limited-edition style makes a bold statement!

Ditch the Label is a pro-equality and anti-bullying charity helping young people aged 12-25. Ditch the Label’s research shows that LGBT+ young people are some of the most likely to experience bullying because of homophobia and transphobia. Every day, Ditch the Label supports young people who are LGBT+, helping them to overcome hate, helping them to come out and helping to reduce the impact of bullying on their mental health.

"We are incredibly proud to be working with River Island on their 2019 We Are One Campaign. The campaign brings much needed awareness and the money raised will help fund Ditch the Label’s vital anti-bullying support, giving young people the help they need to overcome bullying and empowering them to be proud to be themselves. To learn more about Ditch the Label’s work, or if you are struggling and need support, go to"

Liam Hackett