Men's Slim Fit Multipacks

Keep things close with our slim-fit multipacks. Whether you're after a men's slim-fit shirt pack for your workdrobe or a multipack of men's shorts for hitting the gym, we've got a set for you. If kicking back on a Friday night is your sort of vibe, make sure you have the gear as well as the idea. Opt for a multipack of slim-fit joggers and a pack of hoodies, giving you two complete matching sets. Creature of habit? Then our men's slim-fit T-shirt packs will be for you. With five tees that could be dressed up with your workwear or down with a pair of jeans on the weekends, they'll always leave you with options. Should your passport beg for an outing, check out our multipack of chino-style men's shorts for smart nights on holiday.

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