The tragedy (if you could call it that) of having a favourite pair of jeans – the kind that are so comfy and versatile you reach for them day in, day out – is that you wear them the most, so they wear out the quickest.

We’ve all had to ration our best-fitting pair as they thin at the knees after near-daily outings, knowing the end approaching. But signs of extra mileage don’t have to be the end of your jeans, and we’re trying to squeeze every last wear out of every last pair. To help you revive and repair your beloved denim, we’ve come up with some creative ways to keep them alive a little longer.


First of all, washing your jeans carefully (inside out, on a cold wash) is the best way to make them last. Air dry them (bye tumble drier). Repair any small holes as soon as they appear before they turn to big ones. That should keep any tears at bay a little longer.


Crafted denim is a huge trend right now. Rather than throw away a pair that doesn’t fit or suit you anymore, cut panels out of the fabric and sew them onto styles you do love. Large patches that look deliberate work brilliantly on vintage blues, while black patching gives subtle texture on black denim. Or really lean into the look and choose a contrasting shade of denim, and revel in the drama.


It’s easy to find appliqué patches online. You can give your jeans a real stamp of personality by collecting kitsch badges and then sewing them on wherever you fancy (or need to cover a hole). Go mad: when it comes to this kind of detailing, more is definitely more.


If you’re worried about the odd little abrasion, why not make the wear-and-tear your own? Rips at the knees and thighs give a completely different twist to jeans - contrasting brilliantly with heels for grungy chic or worn loose over statement trainers for careless cool.


Longer jeans that are going ragged at the bottom can be cropped at the ankle with a simple snip of the scissors, to give the style a completely new spin. We love a stepped hem - shorter at the front, longer at the back. If you’d rather not have a raw edge, it’ll take someone with a sewing machine a matter of minutes to turn the hems over for you. (This normally costs very little if you try your local Dry Cleaner).


When your jeans really have nothing left to give, turn them into shorts. Daisy Dukes are the most timeless and useful piece in a woman’s summer wardrobe – and will never stop being the perfect laid-back accompaniment to a bikini on the beach. Make sure you use a ruler and a pen to mark out your perfect length before you cut – laid back cool always takes a little bit of effort.