What to wear for Valentine’s Day 2023

If you Google ‘what to wear for Valentine’s Day’, you’ll get around 63,300,000 results. All of which are mainly red and pink. If you’re looking for something a little more River Island, you’re in the *perfect* spot. Read on, lover.

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The Fancy Dinner

You’ve got your nails done. Taken a trip to the salon. You need an outfit that means business, especially *just* in case they ask for your hand (to pay the bill).

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The Cute Brunch

Not the most straightforward thing to dress for, but we’re pretty confident a sweet polka dot dress is the one. It says “fashion” without being intimidating, plus the quarter-length sleeves are weather appropriate in case you’re al fresco.

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The Comedy Show

Who doesn’t love a great comedy show? Channel your inner garçon with the ultimate effortless French girl uniform: a classic boucle blazer, a plain white tank, straight leg jeans and pointed court heels you can actually walk in.

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The Galentines’ Gathering

Now, we were going to suggest this outfit for a wine bar with ambience, but this look is just begging to be with the girls. Cargos + a floral mesh top + classic mules = so simple, but so good.

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