Traditional fashion supply chains, even for relatively small fashion businesses, are complex; and so, attaining transparency is a key commitment across the industry.

River Island work hard to define, report and audit our supply chain network. Our tier one supplier (manufacturers) list is now regularly published on our website (see below), and in 2019 we conducted 464 factory audits and 242 Ethical site visits, 98% of which were unannounced.

We are in the process of mapping our tier 2 and 3 suppliers (yarns, trims and fabric producers) and expect to be finished before the end of 2021. We commit to full supply chain transparency, including tier 4 suppliers (fibre producers) by the end of 2023. We are excited to be piloting a blockchain technology this year in order to better our transparency work.


We are also very pleased to partner with the Sustainable Apparel Coalition in 2020. As a member of the SAC, River Island is able to access valuable measurement & benchmarking tools, notably The Higg Index, which helps us to assess the social and environmental impact and credentials of our suppliers & materials so that we can clearly identify areas where improvements should be made. As we work hard to become more sustainable, the SAC will ensure that we can provide environmental and social transparency.

Transparency Pledge

River Island are proud to announce that we have now signed the Transparency Pledge ( and are committed (along with other worldwide Brands) to uploading a list of all our approved Tier 1 factories. Our current factory list is now available on the link below. The list will be updated every 6 months to ensure that It remains accurate. This is an important step in driving greater transparency within the Fashion Industry, in order to ensure fair and safe working conditions in factories worldwide. It also enables industry collaboration to prevent serious global issues such as Modern Slavery.

  • River Island Transparency Pledge Factory List 2022