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While most are dreaming of hot holiday romances, we’ve been buzzing for a hot new coupling of our own! We can finally make it official! Our exclusive collection, designed by the one and only Caroline Flack here, just in time for a summer of love. Shop it now or be mugged off!

“Friends that I’ve secretly shown the collection to have told me it’s totally me, it’s like I’m walking into my own wardrobe!”

Why did you want to collaborate with RI?

I’ve always been a River Island fan. One of my favourite outfits from last year’s series was an RI dress that I wore on Aftersun, the reaction to it was incredible. I love the fit and style and so I approached the team and asked if I could create my own collection. I was over the moon when they said YES.

Who are your ultimate style icons?

My whole RI collection is 70s inspired. So, I’d say Kirsten Dunst in The Virgin Suicides. Or, Kate Hudson in Almost Famous.

What’s the vibe of the collection?

With it being a summer collection, it’s obviously inspired by the sunshine and falling in love. It’s bright, practical and the perfect capsule range for a holiday. Any friends that I’ve secretly shown the collection to have told me it’s totally me, it’s like I’m walking into my own wardrobe!

Which piece is 100% your type on paper?

I’ve always wanted a blue Hawaiian shirt but have always had to buy a men’s version which never fits properly. So, to have been able to design my own which fits in all the right places has been a dream come true.

“I’m always a day dresser, I’d wear the retro inspired t-shirts from the collection in the day over a bikini and add shorts and heels to take it to the bar.”

And which is your hot summer date number?

I'd choose the yellow drew dress. It's something you can wear in the day with flats and then add a heel for full LET’S GET IT ON vibes in the evening…

Who would you love to see wearing the collection?

The list is endless… but Kylie Minogue is top of the list. She would look incredible in the yellow dress. I’m the biggest Kylie fan, as RI will confirm from the music played at the photoshoot! She’s been an icon to me since the late eighties.

What would be your Island essential?

I’m very careful in the sun. So, I’d say my kimono. Or factor 50 suntan lotion.

Do you have a funny holiday story?

I went to New York with friends and we forgot to take our ID on a night out. They didn’t believe we were old enough to drink, until we showed them our bingo wings.

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