Restrictions or not, we still love a sale fix and we definitely still love our high street so Boxing Day is not cancelled! Whether you choose to shop online or you want to come and visit us IRL, we’ll make sure you get all of the sale goodies you have your eyes on. 

This is how you can boss Boxing Day this year…

1. Don’t forget to wear your mask. Extra points if it matches your look! 

2. Use hand sanitiser when you can. We have plenty in store for you!

3. Share some kindness! The high street is tough at the moment so compliment our   

    amazing RI Team and make their day. 

4. Avoid peak times if you can if you’re using public transport, it can get pretty 


5. Give people plenty of space, there’s enough RI for everyone! 

6. Be nice. It is Christmas, after all!

1. Get your wishlist together ASAP! 

2. Set yourself a budget so you know how much you’ve got to play with. 

3. Start early on the day so you don’t miss your dream items!

4. Don’t get distracted by things you don’t need! It happens to us too often…

5. Get some snacks to tide you over while you’re browsing. 

6. Show us what you got when it arrives using #ImWearingRI!

Prep your wishlist!