Jasmine Clough | Prom Party Haul & Tell All

It’s that time of year again! With prom just around the corner, teen YouTube vlogger Jasmine Clough talks us through her perfect picks for prom season in her latest haul.

And, that’s not all, as well as helping us on the way to prom queen status, we grabbed 5 minutes with Jasmine in a juicy Q&A sesh!

You’ve seen the style (and felt the goals) now It’s time to grab 5 with our girl Jasmine…

How did you get into vlogging? 
It all started nearly 2 years ago when I vlogged SITC, a few months later I invested in a vlogging camera and set up a separate channel where occasionally I'd upload vlogs. When it came to summer of 2016 I decided to vlog for the whole 6 weeks break because I really enjoyed it. This included things like my prom, my mums wedding & holidays.

What advice do you have for others wanting to get into vlogging?
Definitely give it a go! It all feels a little strange at first, walking around talking to a camera, but if it's for you, you'll know. Don't be put off by the thought of people looking at you weird, I get this all the time and honestly you get used to it. Make sure to vlog things that you find interesting because its very likely your viewers will find it interesting too.
Be sure to have a positive vibe and energy throughout the video as it makes it more fun and pleasant to watch - obviously we all get out down days but try to focus on the positives and if your really struggling maybe don't vlog that day.

Describe your style in 3 worlds… 
Girly. Glam. Trendy.

Which are your favourite pieces from your recent RI spree? 

What's your favourite thing about prom?

My favourite thing about prom was getting ready and the atmosphere when at prom. On the day of prom I invited a few of my closest girlfriends round for the day to get ready together. We all helped each other out with our hair & makeup and had lots of fun. One of my closet friends & I then went to take pictures by the beach before attending a little pre-prom party that our friend had organised. Here we had a few drinks and took lots of pictures before getting onto our party bus to take us to the event!
Once we were there everything felt so different, and troubles or problems between different people just disappeared, everyone was so lovely to each other and got along for one special night. Everyone looked so smart and all the girls looked gorgeous - there wasn't one person that you didn't get a complement from!

What would be your perfect 'promposal'?
My perfect promposal would be if the guy had someone write a note on a piece of paper from a number of different places around the world like LA, Hawaii, Paris saying something like 'Jasmine, everyone in 'LA' wants you to go to prom with .....' and have them take a photo of it next to a famous landmark, and then the boy would appear with some roses and a sign saying 'prom?' with all the photos from the different places.

Who would be your dream prom date? 
Either Leonardo Dicaprio in his teen years or Cole Sprouse.

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