Meet Harry | Do Expect Greatness

‘I’m new and I’m going to be famous.’ There’s nothing like a bit of confidence and Harry certainly has bags of it – we wish we did at sixteen! A natural performer and a lover of the spotlight, this entertainer is destined for greatness. Here’s what you need to know about Harry…

1.He’s a lad’s lad

Find him down the greasy spoon with a full English or watching his favourite action movies or horror films. No rom-coms here!

2.He’s a joker

When he’s not watching funny parodies on YouTube, you can find him hanging out with his dog Max who always makes him laugh.

3.He likes keeping fit

And not just at the gym! He loves trampolining, breakdancing and can even do the splits! We’re impressed.

4.He loves music

Robbie Williams, Tinie Tempah and Sam Smith are his faves (‘Rock DJ’ is his jam) and he loves to create music himself by beatboxing!

5.He loves to entertain people

Not only does he like drama and making people laugh, he danced at the Opening Ceremony of the Special Olympics! The boy has moves.

6.He’s a badass

He describes his style as cool and loves getting the VIP treatment like a celebrity. We can relate, Harry!

7.He’s destined for greatness

And he knows it too. ‘I’m proud of myself and the way I act. And I’m proud of my family.’ They’re proud of you too!

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