My Festival Story | Chris Millington

Festival season is well under way which means there’s only one thing on our minds…what to wear? From patterned shirts and festival jackets to shorts and linen shirts, who said festival fashion had to be boring? To give us a helping hand, we teamed up with men’s influencer and blogger, Chris Millington to share his favourite festival outfit ideas and tell us more about his summer story…

Where does your summer story take place? 


Is your dream setting at home, or somewhere far away?

I love the desert, especially in West Texas. I feel very much at home any time I’m there.
Who else features in your festival story?
My friends Joey and Mike.

Are you all about the atmosphere or in it for the line-up?
I’m in it for the atmosphere, always! Beach festivals seem to have a relaxed vibe, where people just go to have a chilled-out experience with their friends, surrounded by sun, sea and songs. I love that.

What's your genre?
I mostly listen to folk, Americana & rock.

What has to be on the soundtrack to your story?

Justin Nozuka - Run to Waters, Susto - & I’m Fine Today, A Perfect Circle - Eat The Elephant, Thrice - To Be Everywhere

What would we find you eating and drinking?

Almost always Mexican. I’ve developed a real love for tacos over the past couple of years, but I’m also pretty keen on Bao buns at the moment.

What will you be wearing?
Floral shirts, printed shirts, bold shirts, all with revere collars. My outfits usually get a lot louder as summer approaches. I enjoy the freedom of festival styling. I’m also pretty much always in denim shorts or a matching set.

What couldn't you survive festival season without?

A good pair of boots. You can handle all conditions with a solid pair of wheels.

What's your life/summer mantra?

Take your time.

What would your festival review say?

Went for the mood, stayed for the food.

Stay tuned for next week’s story!

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