Tick tock, what’s the time on the clock?

It’s been a long time coming; we’ve fought the Beast from the East twice over (and rumour has it, the cold snap isn’t over just yet…)

But with the clocks going forward over the weekend, it's official: British Summer Time is here! Minus losing an hour in bed (grrr), the arrival of daylight savings delivers a truck load of seasonal excitement as we say hello to summer being (almost) within reach…

The clue is in the name. Wave goodbye to looking out the office window into a sea of darkness at 4PM or struggling to roll out of bed at 7AM because it definitely looks like the middle of the night out there…

Bare leg season has arrived. Forget worrying about laddering your tights, it’s time to bare all. Better get that wax booked in.

Our fave tipple makes its way out of winter hibernation to become a socially acceptable day time drink of choice. We suggest you stick to pub gardens, weekends and those lighter evenings we mentioned rather than an 11AM meeting but hey, who are we to judge?

You may be completely uninterested in sport for the majority of the year but the arrival of BST means Wimbledon, the races and many other outdoor sporting events are just around the corner. Big screens, strawberries and cream and dressing up – what could be better?

Festival season is on the horizon. Skip the mud and feel ever-so-smug for upgrading to those VIP tickets. Nice (ish) toilets? Yes please!

Nothing says summer more than BBQ-ing with your friends over burnt sausages and having to rescue half the food in the oven as the cooking is taking too long…

If you’re feeling in the mood for summer’s big arrival, why not get your wish list ready while we’re waiting?