Crops Crafted In Denim | Tomas Carolsfeld

Meet Tomas, a gardener who has taught himself how to run a small business, all while learning the science behind growing vegetables and flowers. As well as growing his own food, Tomas is a new farmer, and is passionate about experimenting and engaging with alternative forms of agriculture. One of the most important parts of his craft is its relation to the social justice of food systems and being part of the small positive change in the world.

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Tell us a bit about what you do?

My partner and I run a small market garden, basically a small vegetable farm. It's a little bit less than an acre and we sell everything directly within 10 miles of where we grow it. About half of that goes to a market that we go to every week in the nearest town which is Bridport in West Dorset.

How did you get into farming?

It was through my partner. To begin with I was a reluctant volunteer. Once I started doing it I realised how amazing it is and how many parts there are. Just running a small business is really interesting and the technical part of growing food is just endless.

What do you love about growing your own vegetables and flowers?

It feels good growing something really basic and selling it directly to those who are eating it, like the families and people nearby. We have a personal relationship with them, and especially with the market we get to see them every week for a chat. It’s really fulfilling and feels good to grow food for people in the community.

What small things can people do to help the planet?

Engage within the political system and do things you believe in. Everyday small things include supporting small and local businesses.