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Everyone needs an ultra-rich best friend forever (BFF) in their lives right?! Especially one that is gloriously rich & long lasting. Dr. Lipp BFF balm is 100% natural, multi-use, ultra-hydrating, giving you that long lasting glow. Made for literally everyone, anywhere… And yes, that means all skin types of all ages! Its so versatile and effective it can be used anywhere replacing your face cream, hand cream, & body butter! Harmoniously pairing medical grade Lanolin with ultra-pure Coconut Oil, rich in Vitamin E and natural proteins, this gorgeous balm help rebalance & hydrate your skin for hours, without clogging your pores. Ready to work magic on your skin? 

Product is non-returnable due to hygiene reasons.

What's Inside

Medical Grade Lanolin & Coconut Oil.

Product no: 998393

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