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The Lace U Part Wig is a HD fibre hair piece designed by Shane O'Sullivan.

HD fibre hair can be shampooed, blow-dried, straightened and waved with heat up to 150 degrees Celsius.
Unlock the secret to beautiful hair!
NOTE: this is a HD memory fibre product - if the piece has been straightened prior to washing, the hair will dry straight. Likewise, if the hair is waved or curled before washing it’ll dry back wavy. Less time styling, more time looking fab!!   
1. Remove the lace with scissors, be careful not to cut too close.
2. Section your clean, natural hair in a U-Shape on the top of your head. 
3. Open the clips and lay the U-Part in to position.
4. Once you are happy with the amount of natural hair you have left out, continue to secure into position by closing the clips
5. Style as you wish.
For best results, Easilocks homecare products are recommended to care for and maintain your hairpiece. 

Product is non-returnable due to hygiene reasons.

What's Inside

Pet (Polyester).

Product no: 999496

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